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IOG - The Speed Regulator

In order to prevent accidents, a very effective and efficient measure is to reduce speed inside buildings. The tbm InDoor/ OutDoor speed regulators release the speed restriction when travelling outside the building. Automatically, and without the need for any additional equipment on the door through-paths.Thus the full performance of the vehicle can be utilized outside the building.


Based on the NoColl technology, the switching over of the indoor/ outdoor speed on the entering / leaving of a building takes place via the NoCollDome with memory function. The special NoColl technology ensures in outdoor areas that absolutely no disruptive influences occur through beams, trees, house walls. All weather conditions, such as fog, snow or rain, also have absolutely no effect whatsoever.

The circuit is made via a NoCollDome at the door exit - and, naturally, with a NoCollDome on the vehicle.

Thanks to the intelligence of the NoCollDome,the last switching status carried out is stored in the "memory function" in the sensor (for example, speed restriction switched on). On the next journey through an entry / exit, the switching status is reset and stored by the NoCollDome (for example, speed restriction: off)

The NoColl Dome with memory function is the perfect indoor/ outdoor speed regulator.

The InDoor / OutDoor Speed Regulator IOG-107Ro

The InDoor/ OutDoor speed regulator, IOG-107Ro, is a simple and effective speed regulator (ceiling sensor). During travel "in the open air" it switches the speed to free and restricts it inside a building via the ceiling recognition device.

The InDoor / OutDoor Speed RegulatorIOG-207

The InDoor/ OutDoorspeed regulator, IOG-207, has a very high level of manipulation protection. A sensor cover or heavy contamination is recognized by the ceiling sensor – and the speed restriction is initiated. Its reliable operation is, therefore, guaranteed at all times.