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We make internal logistics safe!


Rossmann protects its employees with NoColl Collision Protection

In its distribution centres in Bergkirchen, Burgwedel, Köln, Kiel and Wustermark, there are approx. 400 vehicles equipped with the NoColl Spoiler. In this way, Rossmann protects its employees when they are working in the wide aisles. Order pickers and reach trucks from Toyota, Jungheinrich and Crown are reduced in speed via the NoColl collision protection system for the duration of the encounter in the wide aisles.

NoColl collision protection for internal transport systems approved by the factory inspectorate and assessed to be very good.

Over 100 sensors at Fresenius in Schweinfurt safeguard the driveways, pedestrian crossings, entry gates and bends through the area specific speeds of the vehicles in daily use. Automatic lift requests and active warnings in hazardous areas optimize the process sequence and protect pedestrians.

Rolls-Royce controls indoor / outdoor speeds via the IOG-207 speed regulator

Cinram ensures delivery accuracy with the mobile personnel protection system, GM-107cpu/V3

Cinram is itself a logistics service provider and knows what is important. Quality and delivery accuracy. For this reason, the approximately 20 vehicles in the high-bay warehouse are equipped with the GM-107cpu/V3 mobile personnel protection system. Therefore, when they are in use they are always safe and reliable at all times.

In addition, the equipment is kept well-maintained and ready for use by the tbmFullService.

With the rear area warning system, RRW-107plus, Thyssen-Krupp is sending a company-wide signal

The Thyssen subsidiary has taken the initiative and has equipped its 22 vehicles with the rear area warning system, RRW-107plus. This is intended to set an example for the entire group.

The 20 vehicles in the aluminium plant in Singen transport huge loads

Safety at work is taken very seriously here. The rear area warning system, RRW-107plus, makes an important contribution to this. Through additional sensors, the rear-end side areas are also covered and monitored.

With NoColl,VW increases vehicle speeds

In its plant in Salzgitter, VW has relaxed the basic speed reductions through the use of NoColl sensors. On defined route sections, approximately 4 NoColl sensors switch the vehicles to "high speed enabled". With this, VW has again increased and improved the material throughput.

Herzberger proves the durability of the tbm personnel protection equipment

Even though there is no "grandfathering" of workplace safety equipment, Herzberger proves that mobile personnel protection has a long service life. 20 years ago the Jungheinrich vehicle was equipped by us with the first personnel protection equipment. Thanks to regular inspection and careful maintenance, the equipment functions as well today as at commissioning.

Lego attaches importance to safe gate through-paths

In the central production works in Rudna (Czech Republic) there are approx. 50 vehicles and through-paths equipped with the NoColl sensors.

With the through-paths that are only a few centimetres higher than the vehicle mast, the NoColl ensures that the vehicles can only pass through the through-path with a fully lowered vehicle mast. Even with only a slightly raised mast, the vehicle is stopped and can only travel further when the mast has been fully lowered.

Through this Lego has maintenance costs under control.

Safety is the top priority for Munich Airport

Millions of passengers know the domed roof of Munich airport. For the safety of the airline passengers, the roof is monitored by the SAS-307 snow and accumulated water alarm system.

A test over all four seasons has convinced the airport to equip other airport buildings with it, too.

Lidl Supermarkets are being equipped with the SAS-307 snow alarm system

Lidl is worth it – and also takes care of the safety of its customers. Numerous Lidl supermarkets have been and will be equipped in the future with the snow and accumulated water alarm system. This decision is not only justified by building regulations but also by the commitment of the Lidl head office to its customers.

Yanfenghas gained positive experience with the IOG-207 speed regulator

In Neumarkt, all vehicles concerned have been equipped with the indoor/outdoor IOG-207 speed regulator. The benefits of the IOG-207 were presented and recommended to international colleagues at an occupational health and safety conference.

Motor vehicle manufacturers which use and recommend our products and equipment in their industrial trucks and at their customers