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The Forklift Truck Aura is the perfect all round Personnel Protection

The forklift truck RFID-Aura, with a special RFID tag in the pocket or on a keyring, is an RFID system for the recognition of personnel, tried and tested over many years. The encryption technology used ensures safety and convenience. We use this technology for the protection of pedestrians in forklift truck traffic

RFID-Aura 207

The RFID-Aura 207 forms an almost spherically shaped protection area all around the forklift truck. The area which the driver cannot see into when manoeuvring or storing or removing. The RFID-Aura 207

  • Warns the driver of the presence of people
  • Thereby protecting the people in the vicinity of the vehicle

Therange is individually adjustable between 1 – 8m and can, therefore be adapted to special requirements. By means of anintegrable "booster" the range can be extended up to 15m.

Vehicle Equipment

The vehicle equipment is extremely simple. The transmitter and receiver unit with an integrated antenna is installed on the cabin roof of the vehicle. For the optical alerting of the driver, a conspicuous signal lamp is connected and installed in the driver's console.

For the acoustic alerting of the driver and the pedestrians, a special smart alarm can be connected which automatically adjusts its volume to the noise level of the surroundings and is approximately 10% louder.

Transponder Types

Pedestrians and Drivers receive different Transponders.

Personnel Transponder

Sends its ID on every entry into a forklift truck aura and signals to the driver "person in the vicinity"“

Driver Transponder

Can be set to a special mode at the press of a button by the driver, in which the driver can operate his vehicle without himself triggering an alarm. The driver transponder becomes immediately automatically "active" again when the driver leaves his own forklift truck aura and thereby becomes a pedestrian.

Card Transponder

Is specifically for customers who have a company-specific ID card in use. For this, the card transponder has an integrated pocket into which the company card can be inserted. Thus dealing with transponders and company cards is made considerably simpler.

The card transponder comes not only as a driver transponder but also as a personnel transponder.

The personnel, driver and card transponders are battery-operated. The battery life is approximately 13 months (with a theoretical usage of 50 aura encounters per day, each of 5 min duration and a 6‐day working week)

Other Application Areas

The RFID-Aura 207 can also provide effective stationary protection: Due to the special technology of the RFID-Aura 207, an external antenna can be connected. The RFID-Aura-207 can, therefore, be adapted to individual, customer-specific circumstances:

As an Invisible Fence for Platform Safety

For Speed Reduction in the Door Areas

For Speed Reduction at Intersections

The RFID-Aura 207

  • Opens high speed and roller doors
  • Enables access rights
  • Protects at intersections in open-air areas