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Safety Technology at the Highest Level

With the mobile on-board safety devices, the requirements of the Machinery Directive, DIN ISO 13 849 and DIN 15 185-2 are satisfied.

Mobile personnel protection on industrial trucks has been standard practice for many years. The on-board safety deviceson industrial trucks enable the convenience and flexibility of a modern logistics operation.

Mobile Personnel Protection GM-107cpu/V3

The standard for controlled warehouse operation

The personnel protection system, GM-107cpu/V3, is the most commonly used personnel protection system. With a laser scanner in each of the load and drive directions, the entire width of the narrow aisle is fully and driving direction-dependantly monitored.

The central microprocessor-controlled evaluation electronics manage the two laser scanners and the other components of the personnel protection system. It is the intelligent and secure logic for the integration of the protection functions in to the vehicle control. On the detection of a person or an object the vehicle is brought to a standstill.

Extensive optional functions turn the personnel protection system into a multi-functional safety packet.

  • Aisle end protection
  • Collision protection outside the narrow aisle
  • Comfort travel to the end of the aisle
  • Fullstop at the end of a cul-de-sac
  • Position stop within the narrow aisle
  • Speed-dependant protection field adaptation

For special application conditions we have special personnel protection systems

Deep-freeze Warehouses

Mobile Personnel Protection GM-107cpu/TK

The standard for deep-freeze warehouses

For use in deep freeze areas (down to -30°C),thepersonnel protection systemis specially prepared and special components are used

  • Special heated laser scanners
  • Special driving direction encoders (where necessary)
  • Special rack equipment

The special components, however, do not change the structural shape, so no special preparations on the vehicle are necessary for a pre-prepared ex works vehicle.

Ex-protection area Zone 2

Mobile Personnel ProtectionGM-107cpu/Ex

The standard for ex-protection areas

The personnel protection system, GM-107cpu/V3, is designed for use in ex-protection areas in accordance with the ATEX requirements for

  • The equipment group II
  • The category 3G for use in potentially explosive atmospheres of
  • Zone 2,
  • Explosion group IIB and
  • Temperature class T4

for those of the ex-protection Zone 2.

We will take care of the individual special case approvals for you, the specific tests (temperature tests; gas tests,etc.). You don't have to worry about anything else.

For Collision Protection

Mobile Personnel Protection GM-107cpu/AC

The standard for collision protection within narrow aisles

With the use of the personnel protection system, GM-107cpu/AC, the simultaneous use of two or more vehicles within a narrow aisle is allowed in accordance with the regulations.

In this special design, the range of the collision protection up to 15m necessary for this is safety-related guaranteed. At the same time, the safe personnel protection of up to 7m is complied with.

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