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Hazardous Situation Indicator GSA-107

A hazard occurs when, for example, a pedestrian and a forklift truck meet at an intersection. Thehazardous situation indicator makes this hazard visible. With innovative sensortechnology.

Hazardous Situation Indicator GSA-107

The hazardous situation indicator GSA-107 is a sensor-controlled, stationary warning device for intersections, pedestrian crossings or curvesand, situation-dependent, distinctively and conspicuously illuminates the hazardous area with a Power-Blue-Spot.

The hazardous situation indicator GSA-107 acts preventively directly at the hazard point and attracts a very high level of attention. The hazard point becomes "live" and responds by itself to potential or imminent danger. Powerful – effectiveand efficient.

Sensor-controlled, the hazardous situation indicator GSA-107 differentiates between vehicles and pedestrians and recognizes the direction of travel of the vehicle and the direction of walking of the pedestrian.

The hazardous situation indicator GSA-107 permanently monitors every movement at the intersection.

Via the sensor data, the evaluation electronics control the central Power-Blue-Spot

Pedestrian alone
No Alarm is triggered

A vehicle approaches the intersection
The Power-Blue-Spot lights up continuously for 6 seconds

Two vehicles approach the intersection
The Power-Blue-Spot flashes slowly

A vehicle and a pedestrian approach the intersection
The Power-Blue-Spot flashes quickly

The hazardous situation indicator GSA-107 is suspended above the intersectionand is the attentive watchman at a hazardous location. Active accident prevention with innovative technology. Uncomplicated and straight forward.


In Combination with the NoColl Collision Protection...

...vehicles, depending on the situation – only in the event of imminent danger – can be slowed down. This combination makes the protection considerably more effective – without affecting the flow of traffic more than is absolutely necessary.