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Reverse Travel – Reliable Hazard Recognition – Technology Supported

A rear area warning device – as with a convenient passenger car – ensures safe and collisionfree reverse travel. It relieves the driverandalso covers the area which the driver cannot (so easily) see into. Thedamage rate is considerably reduced and pedestrians are protected.

New 3D sensortechnology provides the highest levels of convenience and safety,
and no more constantly irritating "beeping".

Rear Area Monitor RAM-107

The new 3D image evaluation technology, in conjunction with a patented PMD evaluation process and an IR spotlight, turn the Rear Area Monitor RAM-107 into an unparalleled device

The time-of-flight light return time measurement of the Rear Area Monitor RAM-107 is impressive with unsurpassed advantages over the traditional ultrasound technique.

Dynamic Protection Zones

which automatically adjust themselves to the speed of the vehicle when there is a speed signal available on the vehicle. The adaptive protection zones are the unique most modernsensor andevaluation technology.

With faster travel

the three adjustable monitoring zones monitor an area up to 5 m in length

With slower travel

the three monitoring zones adjust themselves to 1.5 m, for example. For practical application, this means:

No annoying alarm signals when in confined spaces slow-speed loading and unloading is already taking place. TheRear Area Monitor RAM-107 thereby adapts itself automatically to the operating procedure andthe driving style of the driver. A great convenience which does not just impress forklift truck drivers.

Accurate and quick object recognition

is a further highlightof the Rear Area Monito RAM-107. Not only people but all objectsare detected at the speed of light. Reliably, accurately and reproducibly. The high accuracy is achieved through the installed patented PMD technology which has the advantage of accurately detecting the spacing of the objects.

An Integrated 2D Camera

gives the driver a free view of the hazardous area. The monitor installed in the cockpit is simultaneously the visual and acoustic display. The free view of the hazardous areas and the high level of safety-related features turn therear area monitor into a real alternative measure in accordance with BGV D 27 § 12. Section 1 (Employers Liability Insurance Association regulations).

Fall Recognition

The modern measurement technology of the Rear Area MonitorRAM-107 also enables the recognition of a sheer drop and the early detection and prevention of a fall, for example, from a ramp.

Collision Protection for Tow Trucks

The Rear Area Monitor RAM-107 is also used in many cases as the optimum collision protection for tow trucks. It reliably prevents rear-end collisions and through the accurate optics recognizes oncoming trailers.

The compact evaluation logic

finds a place in every forklift truck. It evaluates the complete image data 50x per second, controls the zone setting and influences the travel speed. Via this, the Rear Area Monitor RAM-107 is quickly and easily configured and set.

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Ultrasound technology has provided unchanged good protection for 15 years

Even today, still ideal for particularly wide vehicles and wheel loaders.

Rear Area Warning Device RRW-107plus

Based on ultrasound technology, reverse travel is monitored by 12 ultrasoundsensors (integrated in twosensorclusters).

On the detection of an object, the three adjustable monitoring areas give the driver an optical and an acoustic alarm via a display. Optionally, the vehicle canbe slowed down and braked.

Ideal for wider vehicles

such as wheel loaders and vehicles up to 2.8 m wide. Here, the Rear Area Warning Device RRW-107plus provides a very good service. In the process, it is less about accuracy and reaction speed and much more about obtaining a practical and robust solution.

Large Range

With 6 to 9 metres, the Rear Area Warning DeviceRRW-107plus covers a very large area. Programmable in three different zones which, via a display in the cab, warn the driver of an imminent collision on a detection. Optionally, the vehicle speed can also be automatically reducedwhen this is enabled on the vehicle.

Side Protection

Through additional sensors, the rear side areas of a vehicle can be monitored. This means additional safety when travelling backwards as the monitoring also takes place beyond the vehicle contour.

Vehicle Components

are provided specifically for your vehicle. Themounting position is chosen for the best possible application.

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