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We make internal logistics safe!

Prescribed Warehouse Equipment

With effective equipment we ensure the necessary protection at specific hazard points throughout the entire warehouse area. According to regulations and safely.

Cross-aisle Safety

In accordance with the Regulation BGV D 27 (Employers' Liability Association Regulation) and DIN 15 185-2, cross-aisles within a storage rack must be especially protected.

TheCross-aisle Safety System, QGS-107, is the Solution for this

The cross-aisle safety system, QGS-107, monitors the entire area of a storage rack through-path. A person who enters a cross-aisle triggers an optical / acoustic alarm on both sides of the rack – or stops the approaching vehicle for so long as the person is in the cross-aisle.

Climb-through Protection System DSS-107

In accordance with the Regulation BGV D 27 and DIN 15 185-2, storage racks whose bottom level bay is higher than 1.2m must be especially protected against simple climbing through

The Climb-through Protection System, DSS-107,is the solution for this

The climb-through protection system, DSS-107, consists of three ropes lying one above the other stretched between a double rack. Spring mounted so that no damage can occur during the loading or removal of goods. Thus the simple climbing through of a storage rack is effectively prevented.

Traffic Signs VZ-107

In accordance with the Regulation, BGV D 27,and DIN 15 185-2, traffic routes must be equipped with the prescribed traffic signs. This also applies to the narrow aisles which count as traffic routes

The Traffic Signs, VZ-107, are the solution for this

The DIN A3-sized traffic signs, VZ-107, with the necessary additional text attract the necessary attention of the pedestrians.

Collision Protection AFS-107

Beams or doors / through-paths are a particular source of risks when the mast of an industrial truck has been raised too high.

The Collision Protection System, AFS-107, is the solution for this.

The through-path and / or the beam are equipped with a high-performance light barrier and a radio transmitter. If the light barrier is broken by the mast, the vehicle is stopped via a radio signal sent to its radio receiver.