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We make internal logistics safe!

Hazardous Area Indicator Protects Personnel

Falling loads are a great danger for pedestrians who are order picking in close proximity to the vehicle when goods are being stored or removed with a reach truck. Here there is a real threat to life! With the hazardous area indicator we simply and effectively reduce this risk.

Hazardous Area Indicator GBA 100

With the hazardous area indicator, GBA 100,the hazardous areas to the left and right of a reach truck are indicated by means of high output power LEDs and a clearly visible laser line on the floor. There by pedestrians are clearly warned: "Stop! Serious Risk! Do not enter the marked area!"

So that no sensor overload occurs, the hazardous area indicator, GBA-100, is only activated in the event of serious risk, that is, when the load has been lifted above a specified height.