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We make internal logistics safe!

Sicherheit durch Kommunikation zwischen Fahrzeug und Gefahrbereich

NoColl is a patented, versatilely deployable protection devicefrom tbm for use in the logistics industry. For this purpose, the hazard areas are fitted with small, high-performance NoColl sensors. These in turn communicate with the NoColl sensors on the vehicle. Bidirectionallyand at the speed of light.

Thereby the vehicle reacts to the hazard area

Thereby the hazard area reacts to the vehicle

Thereby the vehicle reacts to other vehicles

The NoColl Collision Protection System is the interactive protection system for numerous hazard points and hazardous situations

At Intersections:

NoColl controls the flow of traffic

On Route Sections:

NoColl limits the speed on specified route sections

At Workplaces:

NoColl warnspersonnel at workplaces, when a vehicle is approaching on the transport route

At Doors:

NoColl changes the speed when driving through doors

At Through-paths:

NoColl checks the lift heightand slows a vehicle down, when the mast has been raised too high

In Wide Aisles:

NoColl reduces the speed in wide aisles, when two vehicles encounter each other – but only for the duration of the encounter

At Access Points:

NoColl blocks access points to traffic routes , when a vehicle is approaching the access point.

NoColl Collision Protection was honoured with the Best of 2012 award.

Vehicle Equipment

NoColl Spoiler

The distinctive Spoiler was developed to simply and easily resolve complex functions with the NoColl system.

The spoiler with integrated NoColl sensorsand electronics is installed on the vehicle and connected to the vehicle interfaces via plug-and-play connectors.

NoColl Spoiler was honoured with the Best of 2016 award.

NoColl Dome

The NoColl Dome is the logical further development of the NoColl technology. It is packed full of electronics and performs many tasks in its wide range of applications.

With a special memory function, it has long been used as an indoor / outdoor sensor.

NoColl Spoiler and NoColl Dome are the perfect vehicle equipment for safety in specified hazardous areas.

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